Unknown Egypt

Unknown Egypt – wonderful cuisine, undiscovered places and rich culture

Unknown Egypt – who would believe that such a place still exists? After all, it is a country that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, and its pyramids, mummies and other monuments are well known all over the world. However, if you take a good look, you can discover a lot of interesting facts about this country that are not so commonly known among tourists. Read more

First of all, unknown Egypt is not just pyramids and mummies. It is also a country that has beautiful beaches and wonderful coral reefs. Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam are popular resorts that attract tourists from all over the world. In these places you can enjoy the sun and bathe in the warm waters of the Red Sea, as well as dive and admire the beautiful coral reefs.

Secondly, unknown Egypt is a country that has a rich cuisine. Although many dishes are associated with Arab countries, Egypt has its own unique flavors. Couscous, fava, molokhia, ta’amiya and ful medames are just some of the dishes which are worth trying while in Egypt. Egyptian cuisine is very diverse, and food is always prepared with fresh and natural ingredients. Thirdly, Egypt is a country that has many undiscovered places. Although many archaeological sites are well known, there are still places waiting to be discovered. An example of such a place is Saqqara, a necropolis that is located in the desert, not far from the pyramids of Giza. This is where the first pyramid built by the pharaoh Djoser is located. It is also here where archaeologists discover new tombs and other ancient monuments.

Fourthly, Egypt is a country that has a rich history and culture. In Egypt, you can meet people of different traditions and religions, and each of them has their own customs and rites. Egyptian culture is very diverse and rich in art, music, literature and architecture. It is worth getting to know all these elements to understand how important the heritage of this country is. All in all, although Egypt seems to be well known all over the world, there are still many places and facts that remain undiscovered. This country is full of secrets and is still waiting to be discovered.